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local pickup only

NOTE: We don't currently ship orders, but we do support online orders for local pickup.

Order online for Local Pick Up at either location

We offer local pickup.

Thank you for shopping online Please note that we offer local pickup for any of your online orders at either of our locations, but as we are a small business that is also very dependent on the state Ferry System for moving inventory, we do have some limitations on how speedily we can have local pickup orders ready for you. Please read through the notes on this page carefully

We do not ship orders.

Please note that we do NOT ship orders at this time all online orders must be placed for local pickup at either one of our store locations. Thank you for understanding.

Same day pick up (when all items ordered are already at your desired pick up location).

As noted earlier we rely heavily on the ferry system in order to transport products between our stores. You can use the availability pop up on every product page to see if the product you are looking for is available at one or both of our locations. If all of the items in your online order are already available at the location you wish to pick up from, we can typically have your order ready for pickup within two hours. We will notify you as soon as your order is ready for pickup.

Picking up items when your order has items split between two locations (this takes extra time).

If you wish to order items that are not all already available at the location you wish to pick up your order, we are happy to help you by assembling your order and preparing it for pickup at your desired location. In these instances, please allow us several business days as we will need to move products between the 2 stores in order to prepare them for your pickup. We will work to get your products ready as soon as we can and we will notify you as soon as your order is ready for pickup.

Your Options During Checkout.

  • If all items in your order are available at a single location, during checkout you will see an option for "Quick Pick up".  Select this option and then select the location you want to pick up from.
  • If you don't see your desired pickup location available, select "Pick up at either store" and fill in your address. You will then be able to select either store location for pick up.